Vali Cyber, Inc., a next-generation provider of Linux cybersecurity solutions, announces that its autonomous zero-trust security platform, ZeroLock™ has been expanded to protect ESXi hypervisors, 6.7+. With no other runtime security currently available for ESXi, Vali Cyber has stepped up to fill a critical gap in the security sector and is now offering an early access program for ZeroLock for ESXi.

Attacks on ESXi servers have been in the news lately, notably the alleged MGM Casino’s ransomware attack2 which cost the company about $100 million3, as well as the alleged ransomware attack on Johnson Controls4 resulting in a $60 million impact5. These types of attacks are devastating because many virtual machines (VMs) run on ESXi hypervisors at once, meaning if a hypervisor is successfully attacked, hackers bring down all its hosted VMs. Because of this, attacks on ESXi servers are rising, growing from two attacks in 2020 to more than 1,000 in 20226.

“This is a critical need we’re seeing,” says Austin Gadient, CTO and cofounder of Vali Cyber. “We’ve heard from companies that have been looking for a security solution to their vulnerable hypervisors for over a year with no luck. It’s our mission to provide solutions to the unique challenges that critical Linux systems face, and we’re pleased to announce the start of our early access program for ZeroLock for ESXi.”

The ZeroLock platform combines attack prevention using features like virtual patching and SSH multifactor authentication with AI-behavioral detection, automated file rollback, and more to offer ESXi hypervisors multilayered protection from attacks like ransomware. Additionally, ZeroLock leverages an API-first architecture for simplified integrations, maintains low overhead, and provides a >98% detection efficacy for ransomware with false positive rates of <1%. Currently, ZeroLock for ESXi is available for early access on hypervisors running 6.7+, though earlier versions can be supported upon request.

“It’s timely that industry leaders are beginning to acknowledge that one company can’t solve the cybersecurity problem7. Protecting ESXi and Linux more generally are great examples of this. Austin and I started Vali Cyber to address the Linux security challenge, from the cloud to the edge,” Anthony Gadient, Vali Cyber’s CEO and the senior member of the father-son team declares, “Given the nation state threats recently discussed by the FBI8, protecting Linux, means protecting our critical infrastructure and national security. I credit the entire Vali Cyber team on their efforts, from our dedicated engineers to our renowned CISO Advisory Board.”

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About Vali Cyber:
Vali Cyber, Inc. was founded in 2020 with the mission of addressing the specific security needs of Linux and its derivatives. By focusing on creating a Linux-first security solution with increased efficacy and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), we created the ZeroLock platform. Our approach puts clients in control of their Linux security by reducing analyst and computational overhead, while simultaneously ensuring uptime with state-of-the-art AI behavioral techniques to detect and stop threats and automated file rollback to restore your most critical data in seconds. Imagine detecting and fully remediating a ransomware attack in real-time…that dream has become reality.

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