Vali Cyber is dedicated to partnering with leading technology vendors, solution providers and industry experts to drive the adoption of Linux security technologies with no compromise on security, compliance, and enterprise scalability. Vali Cyber enables organizations to protect their Linux devices everywhere, simply, and with much greater efficiency and effectiveness than legacy Linux security tools.

Managed Providers

Vali Cyber partners with regional managed providers who offer a comprehensive security solution as a managed offering, reducing costs and risk through innovation and scalability.

Federal Partners

We have developed an ecosystem of industry-leading technology platforms, resellers, and service providers in support of an integrated deterrence cyber domain. Our joint efforts integrating collective cyber resilience improves and supports the mission of allies and partners.

System Integrators

Vali Cyber partners with System Integrators specialized in information technology, defense, mass media, enterprise application integration, business process management, or solution development. Together with Vali Cyber, System Integrators provide comprehensive and cost-effective Linux security solutions that can protect their Linux workloads and devices.

Solution Providers

Vali Cyber works with solution providers and value-added resellers, delivering expertise to deliver the right solution for their customers’ security needs.

OEM Partners

OEM partners leveraging ZeroLock to create new integrated products that thrive in the diversity and complexity of Linux environments, with minimal resource consumption.

Embedded / OT Partners

Operational Technology Partners embed tailored versions of Vali Cyber’s ZeroLock technology to enable the delivery of self-protecting devices that meet the most stringent security requirements of their customers.



Controlled Technical Services (CTS) LLC has partnered with Vali Cyber to offer comprehensive endpoint detection services to the U.S federal government, state governments, and commercial clients. CTS and Vali Cyber use a proprietary system called ZeroLock to provide world class protection services that run on Linux based systems to counter ransomware attacks before they happen. ZeroLock is easy to deploy, easy to configure, and easy to manage while exceeding industry standards for cyber security protective services. CTS and Vali Cyber offer consulting services to help clients establish a Linux based ransomware protection service but also are available to help clients navigate an active attack to include reporting, reputation management, data recovery, forensics, and law enforcement coordination. We stand together to protect organizations and brands when they need it the most.


With Cyber Defense International and ZeroLock, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a comprehensive cyber security service and a powerful anti-ransomware platform for your Linux systems. Cyber Defense International gives you peace of mind with 24/7 support, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and incident response. ZeroLock protects your Linux workloads and devices from ransomware, cryptojacking, and wiperware with lockdown capabilities, behavioral detection algorithms, and automated remediation. By combining these solutions, you can secure your Linux assets and data from cyber threats, minimize your attack surface, and guarantee zero downtime.


Intersec Worldwide is a full-service cybersecurity firm that helps customers using the ZeroLock product, a self-protecting, self-managed solution that stops malware on Linux systems. Intersec Worldwide provides rapid-deployment incident response, compliance and remediation, and customized and responsive services to meet the specific needs and goals of each customer. Intersec Worldwide has a team of industry-leading experts who have handled hundreds of data breach cases for some of the world’s largest companies.

Vali Cyber leverages Miramar’s expertise and network in the cyber and IT industry to increase market share. Miramar focuses on combining emerging technologies with elite cyber and IT professionals to offer customers the latest and most effective solutions. They take the time to learn the customer’s business objectives, environment, and requirements aligning the value of Vali Cyber products with those objectives.

ZeroLock helps MCS harden, detect, and recover from attacks on its customers’ Linux and cloud workloads, without affecting performance or development. ZeroLock gives MCS a competitive edge enhancing its customer-centric approach that delivers customized and effective solutions.


Swimlane plus ZeroLock creates the best security solution for your Linux devices: a low-code security automation platform and a Linux security tool that work together to protect your Linux and cloud environments. Swimlane helps you streamline your SecOps workflows, automate breach prevention, reduce alert fatigue, and integrate your security tools. ZeroLock helps you lock down your Linux workloads and devices, detect and stop advanced cyber threats, and restore your files automatically. Swimlane and ZeroLock are the ultimate solution for your security, efficiency, and uptime needs.


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