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Attacks on Linux systems are growing in number and sophistication, and legacy Linux security tools can’t keep up.

The ZeroLock™ platform addresses the entire Linux threat landscape from ransomware to cryptojacking. Harden your Linux environments and reduce attack surface. Detect and stop attacks—even unknown and fileless variants. Employ fully automated file remediation to help ensure your Linux environment experiences zero downtime. At every step, ZeroLock has you covered.


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Maximum Efficacy

ZeroLock takes a three-pronged approach to stopping malware.

  1. Harden your environment using lockdown rules to reduce attack surface to prevent attacks, secure Linux endpoints, and take control with multi-factor authentication (MFA) for SSH, even in disconnected environments, to support a zero trust environment.
  2. Detect and stop malware at machine speed with AI/ML-based behavioral threat detection effective against Ransomware, Cryptojacking, and Wiperware, including unknown and fileless variants with the same efficacy everywhere—cloud enhanced, not cloud dependent.
  3. Ensure uptime using fully automated remediation that runs in milliseconds to undo damage to the file system and remove attempts to persist files for future attacks.


High Efficiency

ZeroLock consumes far less CPU and RAM than legacy Linux security tools; we leave your valuable compute resources available to benefit your business. For cloud deployments, this means you can have the same level of protection while reducing expensive cloud costs. For embedded devices, we offer effective security without the burdensome overhead demanded of legacy Linux security tools.


We understand that you are being asked to defend against a relentlessly growing threat landscape while being constrained by staff and budget. Vali Cyber is here to help. By creating security software that is built Linux-first, ZeroLock greatly reduces the time your team needs to spend to deploy, configure and manage your Linux and cloud security. We also deliver the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and best ROI for your security investment, by pairing competitive pricing with significant reductions in overhead to free up valuable resources.

Easy to Deploy

Easy to Deploy

We understand the importance of frictionless deployment. ZeroLock can be deployed on any Linux distro using kernel version 3.5 or greater. Deploy across your entire environment easily and quickly with your choice of orchestration tools. Running on bare metal, VMs, and Containerized environment? No problem!

Easy to Configure

Easy to Configure

ZeroLock provides a straightforward means to create sophisticated protection policies and deploy them uniformly throughout your environment. We provide rules out of the box that address known vulnerabilities like Log4j. This allows for a consistent security posture across all protected endpoints and means you don’t need to wait for a patch to be protected.

Easy to Manage

Easy to Manage

ZeroLock reduces staff overload by minimizing alert fatigue and automating file remediation. In addition to detecting and stopping malware, ZeroLock tracks all file activity attempted by suspicious processes and leverages our remediation capabilities to fully restore any damage done—automatically at machine speed.


“I’m very impressed with how ZeroLock addresses the shortcomings of traditional Linux endpoint security agents to provide rapid detection of and remediation of security threats.”

—Dave Wreski, Founder


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