In an interview with Oliver Paull, CEO and Founder of Rec Gen, Austin Gadient, the CTO and Co-Founder of Vali Cyber, provided insights into the genesis of our company. Originating from a personal mission to rectify a critical cybersecurity gap witnessed during his time in the United States Air Force, Austin was propelled on a transformative journey to reshape the cybersecurity landscape. Explore how Vali Cyber’s ethos shapes not just our company culture, but also our approach to cybersecurity innovation.

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Learn more about…

  • Vali Cyber’s unique focus on delivering top-tier security for Linux and VMware ESXi hypervisors
  • Austin’s advice for budding entrepreneurs, highlighting the significance of resilience, learning from setbacks, and achieving steady growth
  • Austin’s leadership style, which prioritizes leading by example, fostering empathy, and cultivating a team committed to Vali Cyber’s mission

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