Zero Lock

Virtual Demo: ZeroLock’s Virtual Patching & Runtime Security for Kubernetes

Join us for a groundbreaking virtual demo of the ZeroLock platform for your Kubernetes environments. We walk through the importance of runtime security and the complexities of the Kubernetes threat landscape as well as demonstrate in real-time the unparalleled protection from anti-exploitation to ransomware detection and beyond. ZeroLock provides robust runtime security for your K8s.

Witness how ZeroLock protects your containerized environment:

  • Anti-Exploitation Capabilities: Advanced runtime protection significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access and exploitation.
  • Proactive Detection and Remediation: ZeroLock detects behaviors indicative of cluster compromises and offers extensive remediation capabilities from manual intervention to automated responses.
  • Behavioral Malware Detection: Identify and stop attacks targeting clusters, like ransomware and cryptomining, ensuring the continuous operation and security of your containerized applications.

Presented by Gary Mello

VP Solutions Engineering


Watch the Virtual Demo


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Orchestrators like Kubernetes have significantly simplified the deployment and management of containers on a large scale. With the rise in container utilization, the adoption of these management systems has surged, with Kubernetes being responsible for orchestrating over three-quarters of today’s containerized applications. Their prevalent use has inevitably turned these platforms into attractive targets for cybercrime.

Many organizations rely on configuration management and container scanning to ensure their clusters remain free of exploitable vulnerabilities. While effective at detecting known issues, these methods will miss most new or zero-day vulnerabilities. Since 2016, the discovery of new CVEs has escalated, with over 29,000 identified in 2023 alone. Whenever a security flaw is identified, scanning tools need to develop fresh signatures or techniques for its detection, which is a time-consuming process. This delay creates a gap that can be exploited by attackers. Patching and configuring systems exacerbate this issue, with organizations taking an average of 205 days to remedy critical vulnerabilities. In an era where vulnerability scanning struggles against the tide of zero-day vulnerabilities, the cybersecurity landscape is in need of a more comprehensive solution. Enter runtime security.

Runtime security exceeds the capabilities of traditional scanning by protecting systems against attacks, regardless of whether they have vulnerable configuration settings or run exploitable applications. ZeroLock is equipped with features for detecting and responding to malware and exploitation efforts, in addition to offering methods for virtually patching applications at risk. These features are specifically tailored to address threats unique to Kubernetes environments. For more reading on the importance of runtime security, check out the following article published in Forbes by Vali Cyber’s CTO, Austin Gadient.


Watch ZeroLock in Action in Our Virtual Demo