Take a deep dive into Linux runtime security with Vali Cyber’s CTO & Cofounder, Austin Gadient, and the Head of Threat Intelligence, Nathan Montierth as they provide insights into open-source tools that can enhance security measures and facilitate testing. Both Austin and Nathan forged their partnership while studying at the United States Air Force Academy, where they collaborated on the competitive hacking team. Today, their collective expertise is focused on transforming Linux security through the innovative integration of AI and automation using the ZeroLock® Platform.

In this webinar with OpenTeams you will gain insights into:

  • Pressing issues in cybersecurity such as supply chain vulnerabilities and ransomware attacks and how to protect against them.
  • The challenges associated with utilizing eBPF as a security tool, such as memory constraints, monitoring issues, and its passive nature.
  • The specific requirements of runtime security, emphasizing the importance of low overhead.