Understand the crucial aspects of container security with Austin Gadient, CTO and Co-founder of Vali Cyber, in his presentation at LinuxFest Northwest 2024. Drawing on his rich background in cybersecurity from his time with the Air Force Research Labs, Austin explores the specialized need for robust security in containerized environments.

In this presentation, you’ll learn more about:

  • The inherent security mechanisms of containers like namespaces and cgroups, and why these are not sufficient to thwart advanced attacks such as container escapes and supply chain threats.
  • ZeroLock SPC’s capabilities, which include behavioral detection and automatic rollback capabilities to mitigate and reverse attacks.
  • Practical demonstrations of security breaches and real-time defenses that illustrate how ZeroLock’s technology can effectively safeguard containers against a variety of cyber threats.

This presentation provides a deep dive into the technical nuances and strategic importance of protecting containerized environments as they become increasingly integral to software infrastructure across industries.

Watch Austin Gadient’s Presentation