Zero Lock

Virtual Demo: ZeroLock for Hypervisors

Thursday, May 23rd | 2PM ET

Join us for an exclusive walkthrough of ZeroLock, the first-ever Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) system designed specifically for hypervisors. ZeroLock is compatible with all Linux-based hypervisors, including ESXi, Nutanix, KVM, XenServer, Proxmox, Citrix Hypervisor, and RHEV. During this live demo, Gary Mello will guide you through the robust features of ZeroLock, showcasing its capabilities in a Proxmox setup.

Witness how ZeroLock protects your virtualized environment:

  • Enhance Security with Lockdown Rules: Learn how to implement lockdown rules that prevent unauthorized shutdowns of your virtual machines, ensuring continuous availability and protection.
  • Utilize Program Filters: Discover how to leverage ZeroLock’s program filter to block the execution of unauthorized executables, enhancing your security posture against potentially malicious software.
  • Implement SSH MFA: Observe the setup process for MultiFactor Authentication on SSH logins to verify credentials securely and effectively.
  • Combat Fileless Ransomware: Witness the power of ZeroLock’s AI-behavioral detection in identifying and remediating sophisticated fileless ransomware attacks.

Presented by Gary Mello

VP Solutions Engineering


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The flexibility of virtualized environments has broad appeal to resource-constrained IT teams. However, with Linux-based virtual machines, compromising the Linux host system enables attackers to gain key advantages as the super admin of the environment. VMs can be forced to fail by over-stressing system resources and causing outages, attackers can escalate privileges directly from the host operating system (OS) into virtual machines, and simple attacks can wind up controlling the resources each virtual machine needs to operate.

Recent cyberattacks against large organizations utilizing hypervisors have demonstrated the severity of the risks involved. With losses exceeding $100 million in some cases, these attacks highlight the financial and reputational damage that can result from a compromised virtual infrastructure. Investing in robust cybersecurity measures, including intrusion detection systems, threat intelligence, and employee training, is imperative to defend against evolving threats and minimize the potential impact of attacks on hypervisors. As the virtualization landscape continues to evolve, organizations must prioritize the protection of their hypervisors to ensure the resilience of their IT infrastructure.

Vali Cyber’s ZeroLock® for Hypervisors provides a multilayered approach to security, combining virtual patching with AI-behavioral detection, automated remediation, and more. SSH Multi-Factor Authentication virtually eliminates the SSH attack surface, and ZeroLock’s unique lockdown rules ensure that security operators will always have access to protection from emerging threats and the flexibility to create custom protection for their specific environments. ZeroLock for Hypervisors also has automated file rollback capabilities, so organizations never have to worry about the costly effects of mass encryption of corruption.


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