Revisit Vali Cyber CTO Austin Gadient’s interview with TAG Infosphere in this special reprint edition, accompanied by thought-provoking insights from TAG Infosphere CEO and Founder, Dr. Edward Amoroso, on navigating the intricate realm of AI in business, coupled with TAG Infosphere Senior Analyst David Neuman’s profound exploration of the critical role communication plays in securing our cosmic endeavors.

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Exploring Advanced Linux Security and Multi-Cloud Benchmarking Solutions

In “Exploring Advanced Linux Security and Multi-Cloud Benchmarking Solutions,” explore an in-depth explanation of how ZeroLock® ensures the security of Linux environments through the detection and mitigation of malicious activities. Beyond highlighting the features of ZeroLock, readers will gain valuable insights into the integral components influencing our adherence to regulatory standards, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Expand your knowledge on ZeroLock’s…

  • Unique capabilities: including behavioral analysis, lockdown rules, automatic file rollback, and MFA.
  • Focus on operationalization through seamless deployment, integration, and management.
  • Extremely low overhead tested at <5% by our open-source benchmarking tool SecurityPerf.

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What Should a Board Understand About AI?

Join Dr. Amoroso in “What Should a Board Understand About AI?” a piece exploring the evolving responsibilities of corporate board members in navigating the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on business and security. The article provides a strategic roadmap for corporate boards to navigate the complex landscape of AI, urging them to stay informed, engage in continuous education, and develop effective plans for governance and oversight in the face of technological advancements.

The article:

  • Emphasizes that board members must possess a fundamental understanding of AI, outlining key obligations such as overseeing management, participating in strategic decisions, and ensuring financial accuracy.
  • Delves into AI’s business implications, from transforming written communication to influencing macro trend analysis.
  • Highlights the use of AI by adversaries, the need for AI defense in critical infrastructure, and challenges in countering AI-enhanced social engineering.

Explore the Impact of AI on Business and Security


Cybersecurity in the Space Domain: Securing Our Future

Dive into the narrative “Cybersecurity in the Space Domain: Safeguarding Our Future” where David Neuman immerses readers in a thought-provoking hypothetical scenario in which the International Space Station (ISS) grapples with a dual cyber-attack, thrusting Earth into turmoil and the ISS into jeopardy. This piece serves as a sobering reminder of the critical role cybersecurity plays in shaping the future of our interconnected world, both on Earth and beyond.

The piece includes:

  • Insight into the intricate coordination required among diverse U.S. government agencies in response.
  • The unique vulnerabilities of space systems: where the longevity of assets, limited access for upgrades, and global supply chain risks make them particularly susceptible to evolving cyber threats.
  • A detailed timeline of recent space-related cyberattacks, including attributions, sheds light on the diversity and severity of such threats.
  • An introduction to state-of-the-art technologies like quantum encryption and AI, emphasizing the importance of cyber resilience in space system design.

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